Facebook Launched Dedicated Web-Based Messenger Service

Facebook has long ago expressed its concern about making its messenger a standalone service by mandating a different app. And now, a dedicated web based service has been launched by Facebook in the same regard. This new service can be accessed by the web address and allows users to chat with their contacts without getting distracted by notifications and News Feed. The dedicated web based chat interface is launched today and has been rolled out with English language support only with others to be added soon. Although users can still access the traditional way to send and receive messages, yet this is seen as a productive step from the company.

The dedicated chat interface is launched as a complimentary service to the mobile app for Facebook messenger. In the new site, a list of threads is made available on the left side accompanied by a big, white and clean space for chat messages on the right. This interface allows users access to various features of the mobile app like photos, stickers, video as well as audio calls. However, some elements, including the ones used to record & send audio messages, send photo instantly from a webcam or the new content sharing apps are not available at present.

A clever feature available with this interface is the feature that allows users to turn desktop notifications on. This helps them to be notified of the new messages with an overlay pop-up when working on a different tab or when the browser is minimized. Also, clicking on the pop-up notification takes the user directly to the tab, easing the user experience.

The move follows the same path, as that with the web interface for the Facebook acquisition WhatsApp, earlier this year. However, this has raised expectations for the availability of the messenger’s desktop client. If available, this service will keep the chat lovers away from the crowded browser with instant access to messages from the desktop.

In the end, a split messaging service for both mobile and web users is likely to give more room to the company for adding bonus features and get a distinct recognition among other chat and SMS apps. With the rapid shift of the user base of this social networking website towards mobile, the launch of this service is likely to serve as a useful feature. With this, mobile users can get access to Facebook messages from any type of mobile device that allows internet access through a browser via, without the need to get the messenger app.

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