Google Announces Ad-Free YouTube As A Subscription-Based Service

In line with the subscription-based video streaming services like NetFlix, Hulu and others, Google is also reported to join the league. This new feature will facilitate users to watch their favorite videos on YouTube, without being disturbed or distracted by advertisements. Although no date has been announced for the launch of this service, yet it is speculated to be available for public access by the end of this year. The new service is expected to be a better money making alternative for content creators than monetized with ads.

The news has been confirmed with an email delivered to the content creators on YouTube about the ad-free subscription service. The message comprises of details about the option that users will be able to enjoy ad-free streaming of videos by paying monthly subscription charges. Furthermore, in order to avail this option, partners need to agree to the restructured terms available on the Creator Studio Dashboard on YouTube. The date for these updated terms to come into effect is mentioned to be June 15, 2015. The email flaunts this service as an additional option to generate income and addresses it as something new to excite YouTube fans along with the additional revenue source.

As per the new Partner Program Terms from YouTube, creators will be paid 55% of the total revenue earned from the subscription fee. This share is same as that provided to creators from the advertising campaigns on the site. However, no update regarding the price and the date of availability of the service is mentioned in the mail, while June 15 is the date of the changes in Terms to take effect.

The announcement is not an immediate plan from Google and has been under construction for some time. Susan Wojcicki, YouTube head explained at Code Mobile Conference in October that this option would add an appeal to the users of the mobile version of the tube. However, YouTube has offered a different subscription service in the past, MusicKey, in November 2014. This option was added to provide consumers with an access to ad-free access to music videos along with the entire library of Google Play for a $9.99 standard monthly fee.

YouTube has been, for a long time, trying to devise techniques that are capable of making it a cutting-edge competitor to Netflix, Hulu and similar video streaming services. However, officials have declared this as a step to make video watching, a more enjoyable experience for fans alongside serving as a better revenue earning opportunity for creators.

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