How To Install Apps On Twerk | Install APK On Twerk


How To Install Apps On Twerk | Install APK On Twerk

Google has introduced a new platform which allows you to install Android apps on Mac and Windows PC. This definitely is a revolutionary and challenging move by Google in this competitive world, yet the amount of success that really matters. The Twerk app which can be downloaded from Google chrome WebStore and installed on your Mac OS X and Windows PCs is absolutely a free app available for all the users.

The tool it yet in the testing phase. Within no time, there are several thousand downloads of the app and most of the users couldn’t find installing any app on it. So, here’s as little guide to install the Android apps on Twerk.

  1. Download the Twerk app from the Google Chrom Webstore: Twerk
  2. The downloaded Twerk app is automatically installed on your Google Chrome and your PC.
  3. Now, open the Twerk app from your Apps section on both Mac and Windows.
  4. After opening the Twerk app, you will get a screen showing “Drag APK here”. So, go to APK Downloader follow the necessary procedure to download an APK from there.
  5. Now, drag the downloaded APK over the Twerk app. This will help you install the APK / Android App on your PC.
  6. The Twerk screen shows few recommendations and choices. You can choose to install the app of Tablet type or Smartphone type and folder for install all the app files is requested.
  7. Select the desired folder to save all the App files from Twerk.

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