Nicole Kidman Starrer ‘Grace Of Monaco’ Moved Straight From Cannes To Lifetime

Grace of Monaco, a Hollywood movie wherein Nicole Kidman played the role of Grace Kelly, a star turned princess, has moved directly to the Lifetime. The film made its opening at the Cannes Film Festival last year and failed to make it to the US theatres, after being panned by critics. The movie is now set to be premiered on the Lifetime on May 25, the Memorial Day.

Winston Co. first bought the US distribution rights for the film at the Berlin Film Festival in 2013. Later, after its poor performance in international engagements, the company decided to trade it to the Lifetime directly, instead of getting US theatres booked to play it on their screens.

The director of this film was Olivier Dahan, who announced the original schedule for its release to be late 2013. The main focus of the movie is shifted to the early 60’s period, during which, Monaco has been known for its involvement in a confrontation over taxes with France. During the same period, the character Grace was mulling over a return to the glamorous world of Hollywood. However, some handicappers have been reported to put the film on their potential contenders’ list for the Oscars.

Director Dahan attacked Harvey Weinstein from TWC over the final cut of the movie, when it was pulled out of the awards contention by TWC with a shift in the release date to March 14, 2014. Dahan complained about the final cut stating that the film has now got two versions, one from him and the other from Harvey. He added that they need a commercial movie that smells of daisies and take out everything that is too sudden and exceeds that or does it breathe with life and cinematic.

With the expression of the interest of Cannes for screening the version created by the Director in May, the planned release for the month of March was scrubbed. However, children of Grace blasted the movie as ‘historically inaccurate & needlessly glamorized’ with a boycott of the Cannes red carpet before its screening.

Even Weinstein didn’t arrive for the premiere with an explanation that he had planned visits to Syrian refugee camps, long scheduled as UN-sponsored trip’s part, in Jordan. TWC was offered with a fresh deal for the distribution of the movie in the US with Dahan’s cut, at $3 million upfront payment for the acquisition of its rights.

However, TWC didn’t provide a slot for the movie in its schedule for the fall, 2015 release and now it will be premiered directly on Lifetime.

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