Philips Set To Launch Hue Go, Cordless Smart Lighting Solution

The Hue smart lighting has been an innovative category from Philips, to which, the Hue Go is the latest addition. This is a portable light, which comes with an inbuilt battery for a usage over 3 hours on a full charge. The single button control for dynamic effects & light tone makes it easy to use, while the auto dimming & low-power standby mode maximize its usage.

The Hue Go has a resemblance to some of the existing efforts from Philips for the creation of companion accent lights, but the inbuilt battery is a unique feature. The gadget comes in a translucent hard plastic case of semi-spherical shape that yields almost all the colors of light along with different white tones. However, the portability aspect of this gadget allows the installation of Hue light at any desirable point.

The output of this gadget is 300 Lumens while plugged in, which is reduced to 40% of battery use. The dim ambient light is a pleasant one, which is an abundant brightness for a portable lighting solution. The Hue Go is also compatible with 3rd party Hue apps and comes with an option to include any programmable scenes through an existing system.

Practically, Hue Go is a handy solution for circumstances when moderate omnidirectional lighting is required. This comes as a perfect match, where a decent visibility is created with a nice ambiance, accompanied by patio lighting. Additionally, sit can also be utilized as a wake-up light to mimic a sunrise, programmed to function with alarm, on a bedside table.

The gadget is likely to be made available to consumers during the period of May-June in the US. The sale of Hue Go will begin at the Amazon, Best Buy and Apple Stores in the US, where it is estimated to be available at a cost of around $100. Although this solution might not be a requirement of the most of people, but it is likely to be adopted as a useful addition to the Hue setups already in use.

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