‘Retweet with Comment’ Feature Launched Officially by Twitter

The month of April has been huge for social platforms, which saw some amazing updates from WhatsApp and Facebook. Following the trend, Twitter has also announced a major update to its users, which is referred to as ‘retweet with comment’. As the name suggests, this new feature allows users to retweet one’s tweets along with a comment, allowing an extension of word limit for a single tweet.

The testing of this feature began last summer and is launched officially for web based and iOS app users and will be extended to Android users soon. With this feature, users can embed a tweet from their followers into their own tweet, allowing an extension to the basic 140-character limit.

Prior to this update, Twitter allowed users to cut and paste the URL of a tweet to be embedded as a quoted tweet, which can be done with a single click now. The arrival of this feature has been welcomed with joy by users of the platform. However, users are not allowed to embed the complete post, including the quoted tweet and comment, in a new post.

Originally, the restriction of character limit used to truncate rambling thoughts of its users. Though, many users have been trying to discover different methods to surpass this restriction and use it as a platform for public communication, in spite of using a blog, giving rise to tweetstorms. A popular method of getting around this limit was to post screenshots of quotes, taken from different articles. This method served as an inspiration to the OneShot app, developed by Jason Goldman, a Twitter Veteran and former VP of this product, as a side project.

Hacking the character limit of a tweet is not a new thing for the users of this platform, where several ways have been figured out already. Most of such methods came into existence, after the launch of products like JumboTweet and TwitLonger. However, the official launch of this feature provides an official authorization for users to post a longform tweet for their followers.

As stated by experts, a major purpose served with this purpose is the allowance to share the original tweet and comment on it without shortening it, preserving its meaning and context. A drawback linked by experts to this update is that the feature can be used to quote only one tweet layer. So, if you have been planning for a retweetception while reading this, you might not be able to do the same.

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