With GMeet, Google Could Take Over Teleconferencing Service

In this internet age, teleconferencing is the rage for businesses, where Google is hovering to offer a suitable platform for corporate meetings. After the shutdown of GTalk, reports suggest that Google has been testing GMeet, a new service for business meetings. This new service allows users to create a teleconference call with a meeting topic and invite others to the same. Invited people can join the conference call in video or audio mode, with a single click only.

Followed by the launch of Hangouts for video calls, GMeet is seen as an attempt from Google to transform teleconference calls. This new service was first discovered by Florein Kiersch, a Google+ user with its screenshots that revealed the ease of joining a conference call with a click. According to Florein, at present, this service is available to the employees of Google only, which might be an internal testing before the official public launch. According to the screenshots, the app is revealed to make use of the latest Material Design Language from Google, debuted with the Lollipop version of the Android OS.

The functionality of GMeet is based on the Google Hangouts, but with an addition of few adjusted features and a different interface. Reports have also suggested that an extension of the Chrome browser is also being developed by the firm for GMeet. Moreover, the screenshots leaked for the new app have depicted the Android app for the tool in use.

If the reports from Phandroid are to be believed, search results for Google Meeting & GMeet have resulted in code snippets and anecdotes from the past time, dating back to 2011. However, most of those codes have references to things already provided with Hangout’s latest rendition, like screen sharing, Google Calendar integration and whiteboards. Also, a URL used to exist in the code,, which is now redirected to the main landing page of the Hangouts.

The main use of this feature could be for the enterprise customers, especially the ones who rely on Google Apps for Work. Some of the vital features include a separate screen to display meeting agenda, quick clickable links to connect to different future teleconference sessions. Another useful feature is the search tool that helps users find and join existing meetings, from the same domain of Google Apps or within an organization.

Thus, Google is likely to power businesses with advanced conference call tools, which will help them save time as well as make it easy for them to communicate.

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