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You must have heard or played the angry birds. And after you got your android smartphone in your hand you must have come across a similar game by the name of the Flappy Bird. If you have not tried playing any of these games then try a fresh game with the same experience that is a clone is here to entertain you with the features of both the games. After Flappy Bird, android store had a number of similar games and the game Clumpsy Bird is also among one such game.


The game is a concept that is a combination of both the games Angry Birds and Flappy Bird. The plot of the game is based on the game of Flappy Bird where you have to take the cute bird through different passages to reach a destination. A dragon has taken away the eggs of this clumpsy bird and the survival of the birds is at stake. The cute bird is very much daring and ready to face obstacles and hurdles to get the eggs back from the dragon.

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But the display and visual of the game seems similar to game Angry Birds, with those chirping sounds and great background graphics. Also the interface of the game is quite simple to look at with a minimum number of options on the screen.

You will be welcomed by a clumpsy looking bird. To start the game, just touch the screen and the clumpsy bird will start flapping its wings. Now guide the bird through the tree trunks to reach its destination. In Flappy Bird, you will notice the bird passing through Mario pipes.

Apart from passing through the tree trunks in the correct directions you will also have to face and fight against a number of obstacles on the way and have to score high. In the online gaming mode you can easily compete with your other friends who are also playing the game. You can enjoy such competitions in the multiplayer mode where a maximum of 4 players can play together competing each other to be at the top of the score board.

While scoring high scores, make sure that the obstacles may kill your bird. But to continue the game after such distractions also you can use the gems in the game. These gems are there to provide you extra chance to continue the game from the middle, of the bird dies. To get extra gems you can buy them from the in app store of the game.

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Now you can also play this amazing android game on your personal computer now if you do not wish to play it on your android smartphone. The android emulator Bluestacks will help you in installing this android game on your windows PC quite easily.


  • Search for the game Clumpsy Birds for PC and click on it from the search result.
  • You will get an option of ‘install’ beside the game, clicking on which your game will instantly get installed on your PC.
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