Ice Age Adventure for PC

If you had played the game Ice Age Village, you must have come across a number of difficulties while playing the game. Gamers have claimed the game to be interesting but with some difficulties that made them to stop playing the game. Correcting all these problems of the game Ice Age Village, the game developer Gameloft has come up with the second version Ice Age Adventure. This is also a similar game of city building but without all those troubles and difficulties that where faced by the gamers while playing the game Ice Age Village.


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Based on the concept of the movie Ice Age, the game plot also shows that something bad has happened to the island and all the animals are separated from each other. Sid, the sloth takes the responsibility to bring all the animals together and save them all from the disaster that has taken place. For this he takes help of a number of other characters such as Manny the mammoth and Diego the tiger. Now this group of three characters will together search out all different animals and will take their help also to find others.

While playing the game you will at times have the feeling that you are watching the Ice Age movie. This is because there are a number of conversations in the game in the similar voices of the characters that were there in the movie.


A very main activity in the game is of rebuilding the island. For this the three characters, Sid, Manny and Diego will be sailing on ship to search new island pieces. For this on the way they have to face and struggle with a number of obstacles such as trees, mushrooms and others. In the game, berries are the source of energy that you have to consume carefully and shells are the incentives that you should try to earn as much as possible. There are some other rewards also that are higher in value than the shells such as the acorn. To get this reward you will have to tap the spin on the buildings at different locations at specific timings.

For rescuing animals in different island pieces, you have to play mini games that last only for half a minute. If you fail to rescue the animal at the given time limit then either you can use your earned acorn to continue the mini game or have to wait for some time to start a new mini game.

Like many other android games now, Ice Age Adventure also allows you to connect with other friends who are playing this game through Facebook.

To play this android game on your windows PC, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Search and install an android emulator such as Bluestacks on your PC that will allow you to install all android applications on your windows PC. Direct Download Link!
  • Now search for the game Ice Age Adventure for PC in Bluestacks search option and click on it as you get it in the search list.
  • You will get an ‘install’ option, clicking on which the game will get installed on your device instantly.

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