Snapchat for PC (Windows 7/8/8.1/XP)

SnapChat is a unique concept of messaging that has become very popular by now. The developer of the application is a 22 years old young chap Evan Spiegel who discussed about his idea about this application to his friends in Stanford University in the year 2011 on which everyone laughed. But just after 2 years of this incident, Facebook offered Evan a price amount of $3 billion for this unique idea of Snapchat.

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Snapchat is very much different from any other messaging application that are been used nowadays. Here whenever you send a text to a friend of yours on Snapchat, you have to put a timer on it. As it reaches your friend and the message is seen, the message goes away automatically after the set time. The messages sent through Snapchat are hence called ‘Snaps’ Not only texts but you can also send images and videos by doodling on them and adding captions on them in the same way.

Apart from this there are a number of other features that are seriously unique and you can actually enjoy using them. You can add filters to your images, can enlarge your received text messages and can shoot a story of about 24 hours and can share it with your friends.

Snapchat also offers you the comfort of converting the application into a normal text chatting application where you can chat with your friends just like you do in your normal chatting applications. You will have innumerous number of characters to type and send a text to your friends. Also by using the yellow camera beside the chat box, you can send images to your friend.

Do you want to start a video chat with someone? Snapchat also offers you this particular feature. To start a video chat also, the application has some unique ways. As you are involved in with your friend in text chatting, you can see that after some the yellow camera beside the chat box will turn into blue. This means that now you can start a video chat with each other. Simply press the blue button and your video will start. The only thing is that you have to keep your fingers on the screen when you are in a live video chat with your friend. But this also has an advantage. If you want your friend to see something around you, you can drag your fingers towards that subject and your camera will show your friend that particular thing. Again to return the camera back to you, drag your finger on the screen towards you.

You can avail all these amazingly unique features of Snapchat also on your windows PC apart from your android smartphone. Bluestacks will allow you to get a number of android features on your windows PC.


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  • Download and then Install Bluestacks on your PC. When done, simply search for Snapchat for PC in Bluestacks search option.
  • Clicking on the searched application, you will get the option of install, clicking which the application will start instantly installing on your device.

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