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Though now there are a number of options to transfer files from one device to another but still transferring a high resolution or a big sized file can be of real pain. Whether you are using your USB port or Bluetooth, it may take quite a few minutes to transfer these files from one device to another. So, to get rid of such difficult you can use Superbeam now. SuperBeam is today’s ultimate application with simple to use techniques through which you can transfer files from one device to another in a speed that is much higher than any other medium.


It is quite obvious that the very first thing that you will notice about any application is its look. As you open SuperBeam, you see that you can select in between three themes of light, dark and AMOLED. The AMOLED theme though makes the background completely dark but will help you in conserving battery.

After you have seen the interface of the application, now it is the time to check it’s amazing features. Before you are trying to transfer files from one device to another, you should check that both the devices should have SuperBeam installed on them. The application will guide you to select the type of file that you want to transfer. Depending upon the file type selected, you will be guided to the folder of your device with that type of files such as audio, video, images and others.

After easily selecting your item or many items together, you will again have three options of transferring files. You can transfer your files using three different modes such as through NFC, QR code or with the help of a key. Make sure that you can use the medium NFC only if the receiving device has the facility of NFC.


The timer of sending and receiving of the files can be noticed in both the devices. And also if for some reason the connection gets lost then the next time when you connect the transfer will start exactly where the connection got lost and not from the beginning once again.

If talked about speed, it can be said that SuperBeam is around 50 times faster than Bluetooth. That means if a file takes 50 minutes time to get transferred from one device to another using Bluetooth, the same file can be transferred in just 1 minute time using SuperBeam.

You can now also have this good looking application for fast transfers on your windows PC. Just install Bluestacks on your windows PC by downloading it from here, and you are ready to install all the android applications such as SuperBeam. After you have installed Bluestacks on your device, follow these steps to install SuperBeam.

  • Search for SuperBeam for PC in Bluestacks search option installed in your device.
  • As you get the application in your search list, click on it to get the option ‘install’.
  • As you click on the ‘install’ option, the application SuperBeam will start installing instantly on your device and will get saved in ‘My Applications’ option of Bluestacks.

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