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You must have heard of Instagram in social networks many a times. Now it is a time to know more about it so that you can enjoy the amazing features of Instagram on your device. Instagram is not just a casual photo editing software, rather it an application with true or real photo editor features.


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Shooting With Instagram

Instagram offers you the feature of shooting images directly from the application. So, you do not have to click image using some other camera and import the images to Instagram now like its earlier versions. Though the camera will not offer you a number of features such as Panaroma and others, but after you have clicked, a number of options instantly arrive to help you in getting your photo edited.

Not only images, Instagram also offers shooting of videos. Though videos on Instagram are short but it offers a number of video editing features similar to the editing of images. You get 13 filters and a number of options that can help you in editing your video.

Adjustment features

The best thing about instagram is that when you click an image using the camera button, the applications automatically adjusts the image clicked, rather than leaving it on you. But in case, if you want some more adjustments to be done in your image, there are a number of choices to be selected from. Not only the saturation adjustment, but you can adjust the brightness, color, contrast, temperature, shadows, highlights and many other elements in the image that you clicked to make it a perfect one.

Instagram features 19 numbers of filters ranging from Mayfair, Black and White, Hefe, Sutro and many others. Now the best thing is that you can adjust these filters to set it on your image. With a second tap on the filter, the adjustment option arrives, from where you can adjust the filters as per the need.

Sharing of images

Instagram Direct will be applicable only when the people with whom you are sharing image also have Instagram installed on his or her device. This is an easy sharing of images directly from the application. Though there are a number of disadvantages such as you cannot tag your friends if you are using Instagram Direct, but still if offers you the feature of sharing.

Apart from this Instagram also offers a number of other media options also to share images such as twitter, Facebook, Flickr and many others. You can tag your friends while you are uploading the images or you can also geo-tag your image.

Instagram on PC


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This particular android application Instagram is now also available on windows PC using the emulator Bluestacks.

  • Now click on the application from the search list so that you can get the option ‘install’.
  • Now click on the ‘install’ option so that the application can get installed on your PC instantly.
  • You can start the application from ‘My Applications’ option of Bluestacks.
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