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Modern Combat has been of great hit till today. After the success of Modern Combat 4 – Zero Hour, the developer of the FPS game Gameloft has come up with its next release Modern Combat 5 – Blackout. A major change that has been made in this new edition of the game is that it is now mandatory for the players to be online everytime on the game, also during the single mode campaigns. It can be said that with 5th edition of Modern Combat, Gameloft has released one of the best FPS games.


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The game plot of the game is almost similar to the earlier editions but with slight changes in the game play. The fifth edition of the game is based mainly in Venice of Italy and also at some places of Japan. This is also not a single plot game, rather has six divisions or six chapters. Each chapter has several miss spec-ops missions, story missions and also multiplayer missions. To go to the next chapter the player has to complete all the missions of the present chapter.

What make this game interesting are the number of dialogues and also the narration of the story. Events like kidnapping, a number of deaths are the essence of the game and a number of dialogues and make the plot even more interesting to play. Also there are a number of twists in the tale that leads to suspense in the war.

If you have played Modern Combat 4, then there are a number of things that you will find common while playing the game, but also there are many changes. Now shooting is even more interesting and fun due to the auto-aim feature. Also with the feature of Bullet Time, the players can also control the motion of a bullet with time that can be real fun.

You will have to shoot and fight at different situations such as in jeeps, or on boats, up in the air with helicopters and many others. For facing such heavy challenges, heavy equipments are required and this is fulfilled by the four classes that are offered such as Recon, Heavy, Assault and Sniper. Also the starting equipments can be used and they can be upgraded on the move.

Modern Combat 5 can be said to be one of the best good-looking games with high quality graphics. Even during the intense actions, there is no compromise done with the graphics part. Gameloft has also worked this time on the background music and sound and you will be startled by bomb blasts, falling buildings, crashing helicopters and others.


While playing multiplayer mode with squads, there are five modes, to choose from. Among all the modes, the VIP mode is the most fun mode where one of the players from the team is designated as VIP due to which bonus scores can be earned.

This all fun and exciting game can be now also enjoyed on your windows PC. You just have to install an emulator Bluestacks on your PC and you will be able to play many such Android games on your device.

  • After you have installed Bluestacks on your PC, search for the game Modern Combat 5 for PC in the Bluestacks search option.
  • Now click on the game from the search list and you will get an ‘install’ option.
  • Click on install and your game will get installed instantly on your device.
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