Talking Tom for PC (Windows 7/8/8.1/XP)

If by now you are bored up of playing various different games, and wish to have something different as a part of your entertainment, then you can try out exploring the android application Talking Tom. You must have even heard of this application, as Talking Tom is quite a popular application in the android play store.


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Talking Tom is not a game but you can assume it as a toy that can definitely make you enjoy. And for all those who are not yet on android, this application can be availed even on computer now. This popular android application can be installed by the windows computer users also with the help of a third part android emulator such as Bluestacks.

Features of Talking Tom

Tom is the pet cat from the application that will entertain you in a number of amusing ways. Once you install this free application, you can enjoy its various features also for free. Of course, to install the application on your device, you must need 3G or Wi-Fi data connection.

The interface of the application is quite attractive with the cat Tom at the center of the screen. The cute cat looks graphically stunning and the most common activity that people enjoy of Tom is his mimicry. When you are talking something, Tom will very cutely listen to you by placing his hand beside his ear and facing his ear towards the screen. After a time of about 5 seconds or so, Tom will repeat whatever you have said in a very funny tone and way.

Apart from this main feature of entertainment that you can have from the Talking Tom, there are also many other ways through which Tom will entertain you. If you poke Tom at different parts of his body, he will give you different funny reaction. For example if you poke him on his stomach he will giggle funnily or when you poke him on his head, he will get angry cutely.


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Again there is a background of a room where Tom is standing. Here also there are a number of spots where you can touch to see various features coming up. There can be dog barking to which Tom will react. Again there can be some other sound somewhere to which Tom will react in some other funny way.

Altogether try touching various parts of your screen to find out how and what Tom is reacting.

Tom can be your best friend at times when you are alone and you can have real fun with him.

Enjoying Talking Tom on computer

As mentioned before, you can now enjoy Talking Tom on your windows PC also with the help of Bluestacks.

  • Download and Install Bluestacks on your computer. Now search for the application Talking Tom for PC in Bluestacks search option.
  • As you get the application in the search list, click on to get an option ‘install’.
  • Click on this ‘install’ option and the application will start getting installed on your device instantly and will get saved in ‘My Applications’ of Bluestacks.

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