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With the term social network, people previously has only one two sites or profiles. But now there are a number of applications, where people can stay connected with their friends and family. As a number of different social networks have come up, also people have spread up at different places. It is simply impossible that you can get all your friends at one particular application. You may have some of your friends at Facebook, while some at WhatsApp. It often becomes difficult to keep track of all your friends at different places. Do you know IMO can help you in getting all your friends at one place?

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Yes, you read it right. IMO is a messaging application that will sync will all the social network applications in your smartphone and will connect with all the friends, provided they also have IMO installed on their devices. Normally, various other applications only sync with your phone contact book, but IMO is different and thus allows you to contact with your maximum friends at one place.

Along with this feature IMO has a number of other features that has made it a favorite download of many users by now. You have an amazing feature naming the buddy list as per which you can categorize all your friends under various categories such as school, office, family and many others.

It features text chat, voice calling and also a high quality video calling to your friends. For text chat you can create groups similar to other messaging applications and you can also experience great group video calling feature.

With so many features, you must be thinking the application to be quite heavy and complicated. But to your surprise, IMO is a small application loaded with lots of amazing features. Also it has a simple interface so that you can understand and sign up quite easily. After signing in, you will have to follow the same methods that you follow for other messaging applications such as adding a profile picture, a status and then starting your conversation.

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In the settings of the application you can select whether you want a push notification alert such as pop up on the screen or not whenever a message arrives. Otherwise the alerts remain hidden with just a notification.

IMO is mainly an android application that now many smartphone users are using. But in case if you wish to use it on your windows PC, now this can also be possible but with the help of an Android emulator. You can trust the emulator Bluestacks that now many users are using in getting various Android applications on their PC.

  • After you have installed Bluestacks on your PC, start searching for the application IMO for PC in the Bluestacks search option.
  • Click on the application from the search list to get the option ‘install’.
  • Now click on the ‘install’ option. The application will now instantly get installed on your device and will get saved in ‘My Applications’ segment of Bluestacks from where you can start it instantly.
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