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Tired of roaming about the streets of Vice City? Bored of defeating your darker side in Spiderman? Exhausted of rescuing Lois Lane? The more the world advances the more our desire for action; the lust for stunts and assassination increases. The programming guys of popular games are truly given a run for their money in meeting the current demands and aspirations of the gamers of today. The gaming geniuses in short, have demand for the 3’D’s only: Daredevil, Details and Danger. Acknowledging this demand for D’s the ‘D’veloper Madfinger games developed the daredevil zombie shooter game Dead Trigger 2 for PC.


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All About The Game

Dead trigger 2 is a single player zombie shooter game, which was developed by Madfinger Games initially for Android and iOS on 23 October 2013. It is a game where the hunter can exercise their hunting skills in story environment or in quick missions. The game typically centers around killing zombies in life or death situations and completing the objectives (in some cases killing zombies is the only objective) in a horrifying and exhilarating 3D environment.

It visuals and effects can seriously cause an adrenalin rush among its players. At the start of each

scenario of the game the player’s health is replenished. The health of the player decreases when hit by a zombie or health exposed to radiation. The health can be regained by taking healing pills or by in taking a special health booster, which comes from special zombies.

The specialty of this game is that the player has to aim at the zombie with their selected weapon and the weapon disintegrates the zombie automatically. The game is filled with bariantes i.e., variations which extends from zombie types to pickups and weapons for assassination. 

What Is Bluestacks And Why Do We Need It?

The major setback of PC gamers is that they can’t install the .apk files in their windows or ubuntu or any other operating system. Keeping this in mind Bluestacks, created the software after the name of the company, which provides the access to unlimited android games on the playstore. It is basically an android emulator, which allows the user to use various android apps on the windows or Mac PC’s.


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Raise The Dead

Here we describe the steps of how to install Dead Trigger 2 for PC.

Step I: The user must have BLUESTACKS installed on his/her PC. One can download the same from here!

Step II: After Bluestacks is installed the PC the user has to search for the game in the Android Market with in Google Playstore.

Step III: Once found the user has to simply click the button INSTALL and the file will be installed on the PC through the Bluestacks Android emulator.

Final Step: After installation, the game is now ready for playing in the big screen.

So everyone get Dead Trigger 2 installed on your PC and quench your thirst for assassination while saving the world from zombies.

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