Dungeon Hunter 5 for Mac – Free Download

This application is all about legend game and totally packed with actions. The game includes lot of slashing and pulling players in the world of fantasies. It is one of most popular slashing game in which the goal of player is to safeguard people and avoiding obstacles provided by demons, monsters and dragons. It has lot of weapons and powers which can be used in wars. The players act as hunter warriors and save the world by keeping peace.


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  • Different game elements – This game has huge variety of weapons. The armors are derived from natural elements such as fire, water, light, nature and dark. The powers are given to player according to suitability for slashing monsters, demons and dragons.
  • Amazing graphics – The game graphics are quite detailed, especially slashing of enemies. It adds to the experience of users.
  • Cooperation – The multi-player mode is also available in this game. Lot of people can play the game and friends can be hired. The swords can also be hired to get help in the fantasy word adventures.
  • Variety of weapons – This game has huge variety of axes, swords, armors. There are over 150 swords and 46 armors to play in game.
  • Challenging journey – The mission game is full of monster realms throughout the journey. The journey starts with a hero with sword and he becomes the powerful hunter warrior in the challenging journey
  • Customized fetures – The stronghold can be customized by players so as to fight with various monsters and slashing them
  • Action game events – The game application is full of action, exciting controls and animations to bring the best skills of warrior and fight with swords against monsters. There are regular events which awards the skills of hunter warrior and also, enables to display their achievements of leader board.

Publisher’s Description

Dungeon Hunter 5 is a strategic action game with lot of armors, weapons, boosters and other materials to fight against monsters, demons and dragons. The challenging game modes and levels keeps the excitement of players for long time. The multi-player mode can be enjoyed with lot of friends and other people across the world. The game includes gaining powers, new weapons and fight with dangerous monsters to save the world. There are incomparable variety of materials and weapons in this game. It is an excellent game with real interesting game play.


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Change Log

The new version of application has new travel zones and environments to explore the world. Some powerful items are also added to fight with monsters in different missions. In this version, more variety of swords and armors is also launched. The menu is also redesigned for better convenience of players. Major bugs are fixed along with improvement in crashes.

How to Install

Dungeon Hunter 5 can be played on Mac by following easy steps of installation through Bluestacks.

  • Download and install Bluestacks
  • Search for application in Bluestacks search box
  • Tap on the name of application
  • Open the application from download folder of Bluestacks and enjoy it on Mac.
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