Candy Crush Soda For Mac – Free Download

Candy Crush Soda is newly developed series by the developers of popular Candy Crush game. This version is launched with more challenges and different modes of game. The delicious purple soda makes this game even more sodalicious. This game can be played for free but offers some in-application purchases. The in-app purchases are offered for gaining extra movements and life. The levels of game are very interesting and can be played with combination of excellent game modes.


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  • It has more than 150 interesting game levels with exceptional features.
  • The different game modes such as honey, soda and frosting are super fun. The frost games is about ice smashing, the honey mode is about the candy matching set next to honey and release the bears, the soda game is about bottle switching and releasing purple soda out of them.
  • This game has new sublimes and candies combinations.
  • New set of characters and environment is more fun to play.
  • Easy to play.
  • Interesting challenges enhances the interest of players.
  • Leader board achievements are shown for score comparison.
  • Unlock new features of game and enjoy the game.
  • Achievements can be shown leader boards to compare scores.


  • Addictive game
  • Sound and graphics of game is amazing
  • New candies combination with sublimes has increased the interest of players
  • New levels and modes of game


  • Tiring game formula

Publishers Description

Candy Crush Soda has more challenging levels and exceptional game combinations to play around the adventurous puzzles. This game also has a multi-player mode to compete with friends and show achievements of leader boards. The game play of matching the candies and switching the bottles is very interesting with various dimensions. The candies and syrup layers in this game are mouth-watering. The suitable candies need to be matched and switched to win in this game. It includes various movies and achievement of quests to go up to next game levels. The sound effects and graphics of game are quite suitable with smashing of purple soda and colourful candies which is a motivating factor for players. This game is a benchmark in puzzle games and player can reach to next levels without paying.

Change Log

The new version is added with more variety of candies and colours to make it more sodalicious. There are 20 more levels added to this game. Now, it has huge collection of total 686 levels. Some new boosters are added to double the fun in different game levels. It also has new range of powers at different game levels. It also includes new content. Some performance bugs are fixed.

How To Install

Candy Crush Soda can be played on Mac with easy installation steps through Bluestacks

  • Download and install Bluestacks.
  • Open search box of Bluestacks and search for “Candy Crush soda”.
  • The name will be displayed in result list, tap on the application for initiating the download process.

After completion of download process, open the application from download folder of Bluestacks and start accessing it on Mac.

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