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Newshunt is great application to gain relevant news and information about different sections such as business, technology, entertainment, sports, politics and lot more across the globe. It keeps the user updated about the headlines, daily news and top stories and other happenings about the world. The stories are available in multiple languages including Hindi. Punjabi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Bangla, Gujarati, Oriya, etc. Newshunt also provides free access to magazines and eBooks. All types of news, events, latest updates can be easily accessed with this application. The user interface of application is very friendly and mainly focuses on enhancing the reading experience of user. There are many customized options for better performance of application. Newshunt has millions of users and rated under top 10 rated mobile applications in India.


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  • Easy access to updated news and information.
  • The headlines can also be aggregated for better access of users.
  • It recommends relevant videos, magazines, news stream, books, etc.
  • The application enables the user to browse for any topic across the globe.
  • It has a personalized section in which favourites can be saved.
  • Regional wallpapers can be accessed easily such as RSS feeds, news sources, blogs, etc.
  • The application supports wide variety of languages.
  • The news section has large variety such as horoscopes, world news, cricket scores, weather information, classifieds, stock updates, etc.
  • Text size, background colours can also be customized according to choice of users.
  • Notifications can also be enabled and altered for getting important news and information.
  • There are so many licensed partners of application.
  • News and information can be shared through whatsapp, Facebook, email etc. in easy manner
  • Access magazines and eBooks for free.
  • Upgraded account payment can be made with debit/credit cards.
  • The books can be accessed chapter-wise and the user can make purchases as well. 

Publishers Description

Newshunt has latest news and information for users. It also has exclusive options for study material, competitive exams preparation, magazines and eBooks. The users can easily access aggregated headlines on business, entertainment, sports, events, film industry, technology, politics and many more. The usability of application is enhanced with multiple language support. The exclusive sections of application, paid eBooks, and magazines are excellent. The customization options makes it even easier for users to access the application in best possible manner.

Change Log

The updated version includes online testing and evaluations under preparation of competitive exams such as NET, IBPS, UPSC, and UGC, etc. It also includes mock tests and guides for users. The device support is enhanced for different variants. It has also improved performance. The user interface is redesigned. The personalized experience of users has been added with new features of customizable headlines. It has also added support of video channel.

How To Install on Mac

Newshunt can be accessed on Mac by following easy installation steps.

  • Download and install Bluestacks
  • Search for “Newshunt” in search box of Bluestacks
  • Tap on application name for installation

After the application is downloaded, open download folder of Bluestacks and access the application on Mac.

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