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Angry Birds Go is an excellent racing game with amazing characters from Angry Birds. There are lot of players competing against each other in this game. The main characters in Angry Birds Go can be any bird or pig such as Mustache pig, Terence, king ping, Stella, chuck, etc. The vehicle and driver can be chosen by player and personalize them for playing the game further. The kart is used as unique vehicle for racing in the game. The player has to race and cross the racing finish line. There are various powers in this game such as turbos, shields, missiles, etc. which supports the chosen character to be more powerful. The temporary advantages are also given to characters while racing in the game.


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  • This game is played in rich and colourful world of piggy island in which pigs and birds can be seen from every angle.
  • Multi-player mode is also available in this game. The friends can compete in real time over the internet.
  • There is a huge variety of air courses, tracks, off road races, stunt road with challenging phases.
  • Lot of challenges such as jumping around wheels and racing with multiple characters.
  • The power-ups can be used to smash opponents and win the game. The different type of power-ups are given to each character.
  • The player can upgrade their rides such as super fly car and variety of karts.
  • The skills of player can be tested with exciting fun modes such as race, fruit splat, time boom, champion chase etc.
  • There are many ways to play with favourite characters such as Telepods. The chosen characters are teleport in race
  • The video quality of game is excellent and it also has various animated series such as Toons TV for enhanced fun.

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Publishers Description

Angry Birds Go is a very exciting race game and a complete addiction for racing game users. The popular name of Angry Birds is associated which increases the number of players. There are multiple game play and modes to be played by users. The in-app purchases are also available for purchasing powers and new characters. The real competition with variety of players is more fun and entrainment. The amazing graphics and sound effects of game in the piggy island attracts most of the players. The rush of players on different tracks, finishing the race and gaining powers is full of entertainment. It is fully loaded by hazardous roads, bumpy rides, challenging opponents. The achievements of players are shown on leader boards.

Change Log

The updated version has included holiday season in which everything is covered by snow. There are some more challenges in this season throughout the game. Minor bugs and crashes are fixed in this version.

How To Install

The game can be easily played on Mac with support of Bluestacks.

  • Download and Install Bluestacks
  • Mention name of application in search box of Bluestacks
  • Tap on the application name
  • As it gets downloaded, open the application from download folder of Bluestacks and access it on Mac.

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