Download Pokémon Go for PC (Windows 7/8/8.1/XP)

Pokémon Go is a location based free to play game, which allows to catch the Pokemons displaying on the smartphone’s screen. It is based on augmented reality created by Niantic for Android and iOS mobile platforms. It was at first released in chosen countries and soon was famous in the countries having no official launch as well. In Pokémon Go, the players utilize their cellphone’s GPS features to find, catch, fight, and train Pokémon. The game also has in-app purchase for some additional amazing items.


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In the wake of setting up the gameplay of Pokémon Go, you can create your player by choosing a skin, eye and hair, shading; outfit and style. Once chosen, the character gets displayed on the map utilizing the current geographic location of your device. The game not only shows Pokémon but also highlights Pokémon gym and PokéStops on the maps. PokéStops give players some useful things, such as, Poké Balls, eggs, and blends and would be outfitting with belongings known as draw modules, which pull in the different Pokémon. Gyms of Pokemon assist as a battle zones for teams leaders on the basis of match trainers. Gyms and PokéStops are ordinarily situated at interesting places. These trainers’ zones are again purposed entrances from Ingress, which is the previous augmented reality game of Niantic.


As trainer proceed within true surroundings, the character moves inside the map and distinctive species of Pokémon dwell in world’s various zones. The point at which player feels a Pokémon nearby, he or she may see it in Augmented Reality Mode or through a non-specific, live rendered foundation. Augmented Reality mode is based on the spinner and camera on the smartphone of the player to show up Pokémon’s live picture.

More About Pokémon Go

Players acquire points on experiencing different activity and exercises. Players ascend in level as they gain more points. At fifth level, the player can fight at gyms of Pokémon and go along with one of groups coded in three colors. These teams are – Team Mystic with Blue color; Team Valor with red color; and Team Instinct with yellow color. These teams act as offshoots inside the world of Pokémon Go. In the event that players enter to the gym controlled by a player, who is not their group’s part, can challenge the pioneer to bring down the prestige of the gym. Once the esteem of gym is brought down to zero, the winner is going to take its control and can store one Pokémon to shield it. Correspondingly, a group can update the gym’s prestige by fighting the gym. Every time level of the gym is raised, another player with the same group can store one Pokémon.

How to Get Pokémon Go for PC?

  • To get Pokémon Go for PC you will need to download an Android Emulator in your PC.
  • You can download Bluestacks Android Emulator and install from here.
  • Now make another download for Pokémon Go APK file.
  • Now install this file using Bluestack app and you are all set to play Pokémon Go for PC.
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