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If you own a computer, which you probably do, or even if you don’t but you own a smart-phone, then you’d probably know why Adobe Reader is the most important thing in the universe. Without Adobe Reader your life can transcend from complete accessibility to no accessibility in no time. Can you imagine what is life in the 21st century without PDF? Now those who still don’t know, what adobe reader is, well for you, it is a software designed by Adobe Systems. It is provided free of cost across platforms like Microsoft Windows and OS X.


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Adobe reader is actually used to manipulate, write, print and do everything related to Portable Document Format or PDF. It is also used for creation of several content heavy documents on the PDF format, and also for editing, converting, encrypting, exporting and publishing PDF files. And what then might PDF be? PDF is actually the form of files which was originally invented by adobe systems to help in the digital exchange of files written down in computers. The system was created keeping in mind even those people who did not originally have the Adobe Reader within their systems, but even they could, with the help of PDF view the files replete with the original graphics and fonts and designs.

It also helps in sending all formatted files from one computer to another. It gives enough freedom in the implementation of various differentiated interfaces like several types of fonts, graphics, colours and photographs, etc. The receivers when they receive the assorted files also have the same independence to annotate and edit as suited to their liking. The best part about adobe reader is perhaps its ability to preserve the essence, that is, the originality, of a document in all its look and feel. It also has the very essential and helpful navigation and search feature that aids the receivers in quickly finding and reviewing the received information on the screen itself. The basic version that is available for downloading is around 8.75 MB and the best part is they keep upgrading and automating their products. Some of the newer features those are available in Adobe Readers are:

  • It comes with a feature called ‘heads-up-display’ which is an optimisation tool which helps in navigation.
  • It also comes with a customisable quick tools area.
  • It gives the option of converting files into MS word, Microsoft excel, access and other formats.
  • It helps in the unification of a set of contents in a customised PDF portfolio which also has the options of new themes, colour palettes and layouts.
  • It helps in speedy navigation through documents through the inclusion of options like ‘go forward’, ‘go backward’, ‘bookmarks’, ‘hypertext link’ and ‘thumbnails’.
  • It easily offers the best viewing option across all platforms with the options of ‘fit page’ and ‘fit width’.
  • It also helps with the compression of documents with options like JPEG, LZW, RLE etc.
  • It still provides the classic option of ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ but woks significantly faster with the PDF format.

So if you still have not downloaded it, go ahead and bask in the glory of all its features.

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