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Over the past decades a lot of rapid advancements have taken place in the field of technology and people have gracefully accepted this rapid change in technological advancements. Remote access software has gained a great impetus all around the world and has served to be beneficial for all personal and business purposes. Team viewer has become a highly successful remote access software product and is used on a massive scale by people from all corners the globe.


Remote access software allows us to access another computer through ours. Due to this versatile software called Team Viewer it has become possible to work as a single project, as a ‘team’ while operating from different computers.

Versatility At Its Best!

This remote access software can be used for working on presentations, watching videos, for making presentations, etc. Team Viewer is completely free for non commercial and personal uses, and can be availed in an affordable pricing for commercial purposes. It is a computer software package, used for transferring files, web conferencing, online meetings, desktop sharing, and remote controlling. This versatile software is available on Blackberry, Windows phone 8, Windows RT, Android, iOS, Chrome OS, Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows. Though it is can be used for accessing other running machines via select passwords, it is primarily used for presentation and collaboration.

To start the connection or routing with remote host machine and local client, the software uses servers from TeamViewer own host. Most of the connections are established via TCP or UDP and sometimes through its router network. Currently there are approximately 200 million users of Team Viewer across the globe, and the number seems to be radically increasing with every passing day.

Some of features which have made it highly popular include

  • Remote support through mobile network
  • Ideal for home offices
  • Users will have a constant access to their applications and data of their own computer
  • 24 x 7 access to computers and unattended servers.
  • Remote support on demand


Some of the benefits of using this versatile software include

  • High security standards to protect the privacy of the users.
  • Available in mobile app formats for Windows Phone 8, Android, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad.
  • Users can quickly create their Team Viewer account with all the computers using the easy one click connection.
  • It is a multi platform system for Linux, Mac, and Windows.
  • Wake on LAN, remote printing, easy file transfer and a host of added features available for the users without any extra charge
  • Exceptional customer support with access available to boundless remote computers.
  • A complete solution for remote access, remote support and so on.
  • No configuration required, and the software is extremely user friendly.

The services of the software can be purchased using flexible payment options, and guarantees 100% satisfaction to its users. Upon submitting the order the user will receive delivery of license information through email. The most outstanding aspect of Team Viewer as a remote access software is that the cost never changes according to the number of customer. One obtained license is enough for supporting various computers at a time, and the counterpart simply needs to use the free version of this software. So, download this software now, if your need for remote access is quite often!

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