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This game is based on interesting mission story. The story line of game is based on the Normandy invasion at the time of airdrop in which 101 airborne paratroopers got scattered across the country. The game unfolds whole story and the user have to choose between the lives of people and accomplishment of mission. The game play is simply amazing and keeps the interest of user throughout the game. It has high level of authenticity with fantastic sound and graphics. The game starts with some soldiers on battle fields and they experiences a drastic journey at invasion time.


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  • Favorite weapon selection – The player can select own set of favorite weapons according to preferences. More weapons can also be unlocked for further access. The chargeable weapons are very powerful such as triple bullets, electric weapons, etc.
  • HD graphics – The visual effects in this mission game is amazing. The outdoor and indoor settings are also displayed with weather variations.
  • Multiplayer – This game can be played in multiplayer mode. Playing with multiple player increases fun. There are many challenges, weapons and perks available for players. The players can select different modes to enhance the excitement.
  • Interesting game play – There is a huge variety of missions in this game such as assault, sniper, stealth, siege and many more. The game play is very engaging for users.
  • Rewards – The multiple challenges in game enables the player to win various rewards and prizes. Also, there are event based rewards for players.
  • Squad combat – There are multiple capabilities of player, which can be utilized for winning the game. The capabilities can be air strike, mortar fire, Molotov, rocket blasts, etc. These advantages can be gained by utilizing the abilities of brothers. The brothers can also be used as soldiers for different seasons.

Publisher’s Description

The main proposition of this game is true story of Airborne. The real time game play enhances the interest of players. The intense mission game levels are very interesting at the time of travelling with lot of paratroopers. The huge variety of weapons, players, exceptional features and amazing graphics adds to excitement of game. The support of multiplayer and different game modes increases the utility of game.

Change Log

The new version of application includes 3 new tanks in battle field. It has also added new iconic tanks for legends. The multi-player maps and new playground are also added in this version. The new domination mode is also included for more fun. Minor bugs are also fixed. Also, performance optimization is done for better user experience.

How To Install

Brother in Arms can be played on Mac by following easy installation steps. It can be installed with support of Bluestacks.

  • Download and install Bluestacks.
  • Place Bluestacks on desktop and open the search box.
  • Search for the application in navigation search box.
  • As the name appears on screen, tap on it for installation.
  • As the download process is completed, open the application from download section of Bluestacks and access it on Mac.

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