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How To Set Up And Use Fingerprint Lock On iPhone 5S

What Is Fingerprint Lock? Apple the technology giant, ushered in a game-changing new feature in the 2013 edition of its smartphone series, the iPhone 5S. Its name, as we now know, is the Fingerprint Scanner, or Touch ID. In a brilliant move, Apple introduced this one of a kind feature that other smartphone manufacturers are

10 Best Free Puzzle Games For Android Phones and Android Tabs

In day-to-day life, we see lots of people who have a passion to solve the puzzles or perhaps they are interested in playing such a game in which they often tend to get a chance to show their intelligence. Puzzle games are not only made for passing your time but they also serves as an

How To Save Text Messages From iPhone To Computer

These days, you hardly call or mail people. Instead, sending a text message from your phone is way more efficient, given the hectic lives that people lead today. Add to that the advent of smartphones, and all you need to talk to someone is a few taps on the on-screen keyboard and hitting the “send”

How To Create Perfect Flipagram Music For Flipagram Videos

Flipagram Music : The world has gone social and so does the thinking and liking of the people. Today the social world has many apps which keep us connected to our very own virtual world. Now, what most you like when you’ve got everything in your smartphone having loads of features and apps? Well, if

Top 5 Best Browsers For Android Phones And Android Tablets

Browsers For Android : There are many web browsers available for android smart phones and tablets, but the problem is which one should we choose? In this article I have mentioned top 5 web browsers for android along with their features. Have a look. Google Chrome Google Chrome is one of the best, fast and

Top 5 Best Android Launchers For HTC ONE, HTC M8, Galaxy Note 2, Note 3

Android Launchers: Hi friends here in this article I have mentioned some Best Launchers for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Note 3. There are many launchers available for them but all of these are collected according to their ratings and reviews. 1. Nova Launcher Nova Launcher is one of the best android launcher. This launcher

10 Best Video Player Android Apps (Free and Paid)

The default video player of Android phones is not pretty much good and it does not offer many functions. So, according to me having a third party video player installed on your Android phone will be much more beneficial as there are so many of them which are available over Play Store. In this article

Download Candy Blast Mania For PC (Mac, Windows)

Candy Blast Mania : Candy Blast Mania is a clone game for one of the most popular games of mobile world, Candy Crush Saga. The game is considered to be a clone of the Candy Crush Saga because of the game play, but I would rather say Candy Blast Mania has its own preferences and

5 Best Android Launcher Apps For Android Tabs

There are many people in this world who are tired of the default launcher of android and want some unique and good launcher for their tablet but they can’t find any good launcher. So this post will be very useful for them because I am going to present some best Launchers for Android Tab. So