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Android Auto – Android Into Cars – How And Why

Android into Cars: Here comes Android into your cars, Google completely wants to creep into each and every part of your life. After Tablets, TV’s, Phones, Watches and even into Glasses their next step is to take over Automobiles. Here comes Android Auto, built especially for cars which links directly to the Android device held by

Android L Developer Preview | A Quick Look At Android L

Android L: Android mobile operating system has unveiled its upcoming release Android L on June 25, 2014 at Google’s I/O developers’ conference. Currently it’s available for a few selected Google Nexus devices (nexus 7 etc.) only and is expected into manufacturing in late 2014. Android L is not the official name given to the new

Download Drivers Ed For iPhone and iPad

Driver’s Ed : Who doesn’t like to drive a car or a bike, everyone does. But before you do that you should be licensed to drive and specially teenagers, to earn a driver’s license you must go through the permit test and to clear the permit test you need to study but you might not