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10 Best Apps Like Garageband, FL Studio, CrossDJ, PocketBand, EasyBand For Android and iOS

Garageband:  iOS   The new Garageband is an entire music creation studio inside your  any Android device.  Unlike other apps  Garageband  is incredibly designed  to completely  soothe, synths, symphonic and percussion instruments, presets for guitar and voice, a totally overhauled sound library and virtual session drummers. An excellent and instinctive interface makes it simple to learn,

Top 10 Best Games Like Crossy Road For Android And iOS

Crossy Road : The Crossy Road is an Endless Arcade which is quite addictive and interesting game that was released a month ago. As the game has already had good response and many more such games ( I mean Crossy Road clown games) are being release to Play Store and App Store. So, before you

10 Best Apps Like Spotify For iPhone, iPad, iPOD And Mac

Apps Like Spotify: Modern mobile gadgets haven’t always cluttered well with the music. Nowadays, everybody wants to get the best music app to enjoy every beat of their favorite song. While almost every one of you know about Spotify and Pandora, but there are a host of amazing ingenious apps and sites that facilitate us