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10 Best Tips To Stay Mentally Fit And Healthy

Top 10 Tips: Staying healthy and fit always don’t mean staying healthy and fit physically, they mean staying fit mentally also. Staying healthy mentally adds on to your physical health as well. Here are some basic guidelines for staying mentally healthy and fit. 1. Try Reading good articles and journals and try to develop the

10 Best Simple Skin Care Tips For Teenage Girls and Teenage Boys

Skincare is a hot topic for every 20 year old, who plans to project his/her confidence through countenance. Looking prim proper and well groomed is not just a style-care issue, but it also treads into the formal/professional get-up domain. In this context, the sun is not the most faithful friend of teenagers, who need to traverse

Most Common Ways To Get Slim Physique | Fitness Mantra Tips

My Fitness Mantra: God has created everyone equal. But, have a look at our genetic makeup. Are we really same? Our life experiences make us unique among the human race. So, all different human beings with different body types need several kinds of fitness mantras throughout their whole life. Today, I am going to share

Top 5 Benefits Of Green Tea|Skip Alcohol And Say Yes! to Green Tea

Green Tea: The healthiest beverage, is my personal favorite. I was a coffee addict, but once a friend told me about numerous benefits of green tea, I ditched my all time favorite coffee for green tea. You won’t believe, but I lost few kilos after switching to this drink. It is loaded with important nutrients

Addicted To Workouts! Is it Possible? | Is Exercise Addiction Possible?

Exercise Addiction: Addiction to exercise seems like an example of a good kind of bad habit. Though the words “exercise” and “addiction” don’t appear together often, some research indicates that people who suffer from addictions like drinking and smoking could be at a greater risk of getting addicted to the rush of endorphin that gym-goers

How To Lose Belly Fat Fast | 6 Best Ways To Reduce Belly Fat

Lose Belly Fat People these days especially women are much concerned about cutting down fat from the bellies. The fat in our body tend to accumulate more in the bellies since there is no bone there and the skin and tissues there are really soft. But girls you need not worry regarding this. Here are

Healthy Diet Plan | A Balanced Diet Is Always A Healthy Diet

From childhood, we have been said that a proper nutrition is the most essential factor for maintaining a good health and fitness. And proper nutrition can be maintained by maintain a proper and healthy diet. A proper diet chart can be prepared by asking a dietician. A healthy diet is a balanced amount of every

How To Get Better Sleep | How To Sleep Better

Better Sleep : Our bodies need sleep, and in large quantities. In today’s high-paced world, where shortage of time is common, getting ample amount of high-quality sleep can be a challenge. Like machines, our bodies cannot function properly without rest and recharge. From body processes to regulation of hormones and even the way our cells