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Facebook Launched Dedicated Web-Based Messenger Service

Facebook has long ago expressed its concern about making its messenger a standalone service by mandating a different app. And now, a dedicated web based service has been launched by Facebook in the same regard. This new service can be accessed by the web address and allows users to chat with their contacts without

Google Announces Ad-Free YouTube As A Subscription-Based Service

In line with the subscription-based video streaming services like NetFlix, Hulu and others, Google is also reported to join the league. This new feature will facilitate users to watch their favorite videos on YouTube, without being disturbed or distracted by advertisements. Although no date has been announced for the launch of this service, yet it

With GMeet, Google Could Take Over Teleconferencing Service

In this internet age, teleconferencing is the rage for businesses, where Google is hovering to offer a suitable platform for corporate meetings. After the shutdown of GTalk, reports suggest that Google has been testing GMeet, a new service for business meetings. This new service allows users to create a teleconference call with a meeting topic

Philips Set To Launch Hue Go, Cordless Smart Lighting Solution

The Hue smart lighting has been an innovative category from Philips, to which, the Hue Go is the latest addition. This is a portable light, which comes with an inbuilt battery for a usage over 3 hours on a full charge. The single button control for dynamic effects & light tone makes it easy to